Dr. Yu Wang
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years of leadership positions in the lithium-ion battery industry, Dr. Wang offers extensive experience in large scale production, commercialization, marketing and sales of successful Li-ion products. He held development and management responsibilities at NEC Moli Energy and PolyStor Corporation, where he was Director of R & D and chief cell designer.

Dr. Keith Kepler
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Kepler brings over 15 years of Li-ion research and development experience, including Argonne National Laboratory and PolyStor Corporation. He was also a consultant to the U. S. Advanced Battery Consortium and the Department of Energy on electric vehicle battery issues.

Tony Chen
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Chen has more than 10 years’ experience with investment banking and successfully led more than twenty landmark equity/debt/M&A transactions. Prior to joining Farasis, he was Director and Special Representative for Merrill Lynch Asia.

John Hackenberg, MBA
Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Hackenberg’s 20 years of experience in battery-related startups and production includes 10 years with Motorola as manager of battery pack and charger development groups. He has held senior management roles with Li-ion manufacturers such as PolyStor and Enert.

Robert Tan, MS
Internal Operation Officer

During his 20+ year career as an executive manager, Mr. Tan has served as president of Takwell, a distributor of Toshiba primary batteries and consumer products in the U. S., VP of Finance for Imacon, a Danish scanner company, and Controller for Global Sales Marketing Co.

Thanh Nguyen, MBA
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

For over 25 years, Mr. Nguyen has worked in the telecommunication, management consulting, and energy storage industries, spanning engineering, product management, sales and marketing. Prior to joining Farasis, Mr. Nguyen was with Johnson Controls Power Solutions business unit, working to extend the company’s Li-ion offering beyond the automotive market.